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About KNS

Introducing a New Way to Maximize Claims Efficiency

KNS is a consulting firm with the unique mission of developing business by advancing performance and innovating processes.  KNS works side-by-side with the very best service providers in the workers’ compensation industry to maximize the result of every claim, create exceptional experiences on the part of employer and TPA clients, and ensure maximum business growth through exceptional performance.  

Whether the services provider is chosen by KNS, the Employer, or a TPA, it is the mission of KNS to bring the servicing team together to create a culture of efficiency and innovation.  KNS identifies opportunities to streamline information sharing and process, to decrease client workload and loss, and to improve overall claims results. 

The saying that, “culture eats strategy for lunch,” means that businesses thrive organically when every value, motivation, and incentive is formulated to produce the exact goal of the business.  KNS creates that culture, process, and incentive for teams composed of outside service providers to ensure that service providers thrive in their businesses and their clients achieve maximum results in their claims.


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The KNS Advantage

KNS is a consultancy with a forward focused approach to workers’ compensation. Clients hire KNS because of our decades of experience in many aspects of workers’ compensation and our extensive network of valuable and meaningful relationships. KNS consultants work with the full spectrum of workers’ compensation service providers who are involved in the handling of a workers’ compensation claims. KNS ensures the success of the service providers, maximizes efficiencies, reduces costs, achieves compliance, ensures conformity to risk standards and dramatically improves the overall claim results. KNS works with the full spectrum of workers’ compensation service providers, such as ancillary services, legal services, investigations, managed care, court reporting, investigations, bill review and more.  Using our decades of experience, relationships and knowledge of the industry enables KNS to create a culture between external providers of collaboration and cooperation that pays off in savings of time and money.

Examples of KNS Member Service Providers

Legal Services 97%
Ancillary Services 89%
Managed Care 91%
Court Reporting 82%
Bill Review 59%
Lien resolutions 60%
Ergonomic Assessments 57%

Working With KNS

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Our Clients Say It Best

KNS is exactly what the Workers’ Compensation industry needs to bridge the gaps between the many moving parts and leverage all the possibilities for savings if we work more closely together.  There is so much room for improvement and innovation and the KNS leadership has the experience, perspective and relationships to actually see it through.  It’s about time!

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